Best British Cars of Supercar Sunday

More than 5,000 miles from home, many classic British cars still make appearances at car shows throughout the Southland. Here are some of the best originals and replicas to grace out pothole-filled streets. Tap on the photos to see more.

1. Austin Healey 100s and Sprites

These cute little British classics never cease to make me smile. Even though they were probably two of the smallest cars that showed up at the show, each certainly drew a crowd. It's hard not to admire the details and car that go into the 100 in particular.

2. Triumph GT6s

3. Lotus Eleven Replica

To be honest, I'm not entirely sure what this car is. It's obviously a Lotus, and most likely a replica, but there's no indication of which replica it may be. Nevertheless, this beautiful recreation came adorned with its own goggles, gloves, and plethora of badges and knickknacks.

4. Jaguar C-Type Replica

Another beautiful replica of a classic British car, this C-Type came furnished with a full leather interior. A rather plush addition to a race car, replica or not.

5. McLarens

In stark contrast to the previous entries, quite a few hyper-futuristic McLarens make an appearance at Supercar Sunday. This 570S, complete with its own aftermarket spoiler, was no exception. It was part of a lineup that featured cars from the aging MP4-12C all the way to the newer P1 and 675LT.