Thomas Lavin

I am an automotive lifestyle and event photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts. Up until recently, I was living and working in The Hague, Netherlands for a small NGO focused on artificial intelligence and robotics. I occasionally visit my hometown of Los Angeles, California for vacation, or just to visit family and friends.

I study International Affairs at Northeastern University in Boston much of the year. When I'm not studying I'm finding the next story to tell, whether that’s driving down the backroads or exploring the ins and outs of a new city. Not surprisingly, I'm also an avid traveller. Some of my most memorable international destinations include: exploring rooftops high above Amsterdam, venturing across frozen lakes and ascending snow covered mountains in the Bavarian Alps, road tripping down the coast of Croatia, and bicycling around countless small towns in the Netherlands. For me, having a great story to tell is often its own reward. Photography is a fantastic way to tell that story.

You can find my recent publications in Petrolicious here.